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Ashlee Caul is putting the people back on the map.

Back on the Map

Putting the people back on the map.

Beaver and Washington Counties aren't red or blue or purple or yellow; they are all the people who live and work here.

From chairing the local chapter of Fair Districts PA (putting the people back in charge of drawing the map for our elections) to volunteering at a local food pantry for the people who needed the help to selling raffle tickets at the Beaver County Humane Society's Halloween fundraiser to shoveling the stalls at the Hookstown Fairgrounds when the animals went back home after the disaster for the people in East Palestine, it's the people, not the policy, who matter most to me.


My values are focused on the people, not the party.

First Responders

Around the country, an average 70% of firefighters are volunteers. In Pennsylvania, it's 96%, the third highest in the country.

Volunteer firefighters take a lot of personal risk to fight fires in the community and then give up their evenings and weekends to fry fish and call BINGO to raise money to buy firetrucks and other equipment.

I support hiring professional grant writers to help volunteer fire departments to bring in the large-scale funding that is necessary for the purchase of large capital equipment like fire trucks.

Read more about the Strategic Plan from the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.


Farming is Pennsylvania's leading industry.

The Pennsylvania Farm Bill has a lot of programs with goals like business development, disaster readiness, and removing regulatory burdens as well as grants such as the Farm to School Grant and the Dairy Investment Grant. Unfortunately, the PA Farm Bill cannot fund all of the requests that it receives.

I support an increase in the funding of PA Farm Bill programs and grants to support the needs and growth of Pennsylvania farmers.

Read more about the Pennsylvania Farm Bill.


In April 2024, AARP published that about $10 billion was reportedly lost to fraud last year in the U.S., and law enforcement is working harder than ever to fight it. Gift-card scams, grandparent scams, romance scams, and cryptocurrency scams, among others, are all part of the problem. Many fraud victims report that they ignored posted fraud warnings because they were told by the scammers to lie to family and friends who try to protect them.

I support more proactive intervention on the part of retailers, financial institutions, and government to protect seniors and their families before life savings are lost without preventing seniors from spending their hard-earned dollars however they choose.

Read more about PA House Bill 2186.


Pennsylvania schools are struggling to find and to retain teachers, paraprofessionals, and other educators. We have to find a better way to recruit and to keep educators in our communities. I support increases to starting pay for teachers and other education personnel.

In 2023, the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court ruled that Pennsylvania's public school funding system is unconstitutional. I will work with the governor and the legislature to replace our property-tax system with fair funding for every school district, regardless of ZIP Code.

Read more about Governor Josh Shapiro's comprehensive solution on K-12 education in Pennsylvania.


In Pennsylvania, police officers, firefighters, road workers, and other public employees do not have the same safety protections as private sector workers.

HB 299 in the PA House and SB93 in the PA Senate seek to extend Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) protections to public sector employees. I support these bills, and in Harrisburg I will stand with workers and fight to pass this legislation.

Unions work hard to protect and to improve pay, safety, equality, and RIGHTS for workers all across Pennsylvania. I will vote against any so-called "Right to Work" legislation in Pennsylvania.

Read more about PA House Bill 299.


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